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I'm trying to do art things! Experimenting with a font made from my handwriting, trying to keep it legible. Life is busy and complicated!
I was recently invited to a birthday party for twin two-year-olds. It was a little last-minute, so I just threw together something easy with a crochet pattern from a personal blog, Hopeful Honey.

The frogs are true to pattern and the bears are my own simple alteration. The birthday cards have tortoises on them because the birthday party was a desert tortoise encounter. Each pair of booties took a few hours.

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I got my MA!! Still waiting for my diploma in the mail and it doesn't feel real that it's actually over.

For now, I'm filling the lack of structure in my life with cleaning and writing thank-you cards for really important professors and staff. I also actually drew something yesterday, like a real person with actual time and energy for creativity.

I just wanted to share this thank-you card because I think it's important:

I tried inking them a little bigger to see if they looked better when I shrunk them. I think it's a slight improvement, but still not completely happy.


I'm cat sitting for my friend Lily until the 7th. My plan was to get some of these old comics inked and scanned, as long as I have some free time to myself before school starts.

Still, I'm going to need to either get new pens or learn to use the Wacom. Frustrating!
I had a dream that everyone in the world had an exact twin. Someone in charge had someone made it so one twin would be really privileged and live in the light and the other twin would be like a poor worker in the darkness, behind the walls or scaffolding, making the privileged world go smoothly.

One rich twin figured out they had a poor twin and could use them to orchestrate alibis for crimes and stuff, and somehow that evolved into a whole organization of poor twins working to bring down the corrupt system? I feel like this might have already been a movie, but it was a pretty cinematic dream . . .

The one part I remember is that the poor twin of the highest government official was posing as his privileged brother to do some important thing and someone assassinated him because they thought he was his rich brother, and this caused a huge problem for both sides because the privileged society thought they'd lost their leader, the real leader couldn't come out without revealing the existence of the poor twins, and the rebels couldn't use the guy anymore and were freaked out that someone killed one of their own.

The rebels spent a lot of time running and sleeping on floors and hiding from their dopplegangers, who either didn't know about them or were trying to keep them down. Only a very few of the rich twins were allies.

I'm already losing the details; I feel like I learned someone important and promptly forgot it.
One from awhile ago; still messing around ^^;
I'm trying to scan and process my diary comics . . . having a look at how different processes look online. Input welcome!

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I'm sorry if this is off-topic but holy shit you guys look at this art Luka did for me, commissioned after this post:

Luka's mini-commissions are the cheapest little pieces of genius you are ever going to find. It was done so much faster than I expected and it looks so much better than I thought and it's exactly what I asked for and don't all flood Luka with requests at once but seriously you need to jump on this shit if you ever get the chance. :D
I called Sunshine and she talked to me and I feel better and also here is a video of a porcupine with hiccups eating a banana: